Beyond One Year

Despite all the challenges the people in Nepal have faced in the past year, their resolve to rebuild their future remains strong. The financial assistance that started to be provided by the National Reconstruction Authority in certain communities in March and April 2016 is expected to accelerate in the coming months. There is hope that the Government and development agencies will work together to make the process of recovery and reconstruction the beginning of a more resilient development process and truly realize ‘Build Back Better’.

This past year, many children experienced loss and trauma, feelings of trepidation, anxiety and apprehension as to what would ensue. With the resumption of school activities approximately a little over a month after the earthquakes and now the completion of the academic school year, children are gradually becoming more hopeful of their future. The enrolment for the new academic session has started, and children and their parents look forward to resuming normal activities as best as possible despite the temporary structures in which the live and study.

At the same time, in an environment where monsoon rains will soon come and there are many risks of other disasters, UNICEF will continue to remain vigilant. UNICEF will also facilitate the application of lessons learned from this disaster to help children and their families living in other parts of the country and the Government to be better equipped and prepared for disasters, whether earthquakes, floods, landslides or food shortages. Every disaster, along with the devastation it causes, also offers an opportunity to do things better next time. This is what will guide UNICEF in its programmes, not only in the earthquake-affected areas, but also in its regular development programme districts.